Posted by: abodesignco | 12/09/2008

Nursery room decor for the modern family

A nursery room, for many cultures, is a lost concept.  For many families all over the world, the space simply isn’t there for a nursery room.  I myself grew up in a culture where the parents would welcome their new baby into their own bedrooms.  I didn’t have my own room until my teenage years when my “teenage angst” made me unbearable to live with.  (Thanks Sis for putting up with me for as long as you did!)

With today’s modern and smaller families, “nursery” is becoming more a part of new parents’ vocabulary.  What shall we do with that extra room?  First things first.  Safety.  You can easily get carried away when decorating (there are so many bedding options afterall) and overlook safety.  However adorable those pink Italian Damask Sheeting from Restoration Hardware.  Without those Cuddle Plush Bumpers, your baby would not have the padding she needs when she becomes active.  Make sure you keep all electrical cords out of reach and out of sight.  Area rugs are definitely a plus if you have hardwood floors because at some point the crib will become too small of a playground; it would be nice if they had a floor that is just as soft as their crib, like this Gingham Pink Cotton from KidsDecor.Net.  But make sure to use a non skid pad under the rug so it’s not sliding around and posing a potential hazard.  You can also purchase safety kits which will have all the items you need to accident proof your baby’s room.

When choosing furniture, keep your eyes on timeless pieces that will age with your child.  For example, a lot of cribs now have the option to convert into youth beds.  Becareful not to pick designs that will “date” them though.  It’s ok to have fun with bedding and toys but for furniture pieces, stick to classic designs.

As for toys, think about how your baby will play with their toy…Holding them up to their faces and possibly into their mouths.  So definitely nothing sharp, hard, small-enough-to-swallow, or toxic.  Consider the Veggie Crate from Saplings Sustainable Kids Decor.  These organic cotton vegetable-shaped toys are safe and will help them to develop positive attitudes towards vegetables.  They will also be great when your child is teething.

There are so many things to consider; it is overwhelming how much preparation you need to do when welcoming your new baby.  But remember, you have sources all around you.  Your mom, sister, friend, co-worker, aunt, gramma, cousin.  You are bound to know someone who’s been through it.  If you’re really in doubt though, hire a professional and learn a few things from them!

PS. Best of luck to Jacqueline & Michael B, who are expecting their first this January!  I have no doubt you will be wonderful parents and may the force be with you on those sleepless nights 🙂



  1. decorating kids rooms…

    I found your post comments while searching Google. Very relevant especially as this is not an issue which a lot of peaople are conversant with….

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