Posted by: abodesignco | 02/25/2009

A New Light

My designs tend to be simple, neutral, and classic.  This is mainly because I have found that most people have difficulty living in dramatic, powerfully punctuated spaces, regardless of how good it looks on a magazine page.  People have to live, entertain, and function in the space day after day and trends come and go.  Could you afford to redesign your space annually?  If you said yes to that, you are interior designers’ dream client!  Kidding aside though, keep your space as neutral as you can bare it and jazz it up with dramatic pieces that won’t break the bank to change up if you want a change but has enough character to add interest to the space.  I like to have fun with small items like this chrome (or crystal!) table lamp by Kartell.


It’s fun, it’s different and it has enough character to balance out any design-neutral room.  And if you really like to have fun with your designs, envision this in a boudoir with dramatic damask walls in say a black and white scheme.


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