Posted by: abodesignco | 04/02/2009

Boffi Mini Kitchen

In the late 60’s, architect & designer Joe Colombo designed a series of objects he called Total Living Units.  Some of them were perfect for use in kitchens.  The Boffi Mini-Kitchen evolved from this and was designed by Colombo for Paolo Boffi.  The Carrellone mini-kitchen was unveiled at the 13th Milan Triennale in 1964.  Now over forty years later, it has made a stylish come-back!  It is made from white Corian and maintains the original design.  It is everything you need in a kitchen: stove, fridge, can opener, drawers for your tableware, working surfaces and storage compartments, and it functions using only one single electrical plug.  I love it because it’s minimalistic and yet fully functional as a kitchen…perfect for the trendy bachelor/ette.  If you are interested, check out the Boffi showroom in Yaletown.



  1. Very useful mini kitchen!

  2. The role of a designer probably came into existence in the 1720s in Western Europe, mostly being performed by men of diverse backgrounds. William Kent, who was trained as a history painter, is often cited as the first person to take charge of an entire interior, including internal architecture, furniture selection, and the hanging of paintings.

    • Thanks for the comment. I love it when comments actually contribute & not just praise 🙂

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