Posted by: abodesignco | 04/21/2009

Powder Room

Powder rooms are one of those projects that you can have fun with.  It’s a very utilitarian room so I always like to jazz it up and make it more than just a sink & toilet.  This is a room for your guests so it’s a great place to make a statement about you & your personal style.  Believe me, guests will appreciate a played up room while they sit on the throne contemplating about the people who live in the house.  No need to go wild, although you can (powder rooms are forgiving that way), but do dress up your powder rooms with a few interesting accents & accessories.

As for fixtures, consider HOW the room will be used. Will your guests require the full storage that a regular bathroom calls for?  Is it just one of those rooms, you pop in and out of or will you be occupying it for extended periods at a time?  This will help a lot in the selection of sinks/vanities/seating/toilets.  No need to provide tons of storage if you don’t require them.  Spend your money where it’s needed & keep the rest for accessories & accents as they will pull the room together.  Have fun with tiles & wall treatment.  You can splurge a bit here because the space is small enough!  There are so many different patterns & finishes that you can really get lost in the selection so be warned!  If you are usually an undecided, don’t ask for too many “opinions” from friends or family members; they will just end up pulling you back & forth from one idea to another.  Select your fixtures and if you really need help with design then seek a professional to help you pull everything together.  It’s a small enough project that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for professional services.

Consider art (even the written print).  It makes for a more interesting room & you give your guests something to look at.  Fresh flowers are always a nice touch.  Wouldn’t you want to feel like you’re at a hotel when you’re a guest a friend’s house?  Perhaps they would too!  Clean accessible linens are a nice touch for that added hotel atmosphere.

Some great examples of powder rooms done well:

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson



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