Posted by: abodesignco | 04/29/2009

It’s deck season!

Finally! Sunny days are officially here and I bet you’re looking at your deck that’s been beaten up this past winter thinking perhaps it’s time to update or replace. Many others are in the same boat so get in line early or you will not see it complete this summer. Before you jump at the phone & call up your best contractor friend for a favour, you should look into the different products available for decks and choose something that will not look worn out & need work after another winter season.

One of the new products I’d like to introduce you to is EB-TY® Hidden Deck-Fastening Systems™. You can use them with every type of wood & composite. With EB-TY you can automatically set even 3/32″ or 1/4″ spacing between deck boards so deck boards are ensured to be level & uniform. The fastening system is based on tongue-and-grove flooring so you really don’t need any nails or screws. The biscuit fasteners are the most reliable & durable on the market today. They are simply hooked into slots at the edge of the deck boards where they cross a joist. Each board has a grove cut into the side & the fastener asts like a tougue spacing the boards will also holding them down.

Not to mention, they are safe and aesthetically appealing. There will be no nail holes, or puddle areas to ruin the look of your beautiful new deck. There will be no nails or screws popping up. The fasteners are practically invisible above & below the deck. For installation instructions click here.

The fasters will not rust, shrink, crack or soften. They are guaranteed for 100 yrs under normal use. If you wish to learn more about this product please visit their website. You can purchase this product at any lumberyard.


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