abo design co.

3857 Victoria Drive
Vancouver BC V5N 4M7

phone: 778-835-0501





  1. I found your blog and especially like the products you have featured in the furniture category. Have you heard of Zoom-Room? Basically, Zoom-Room is better than a Murphy Bed because, unlike wall beds and other alternative sleep solutions, Zoom-Room is effortless to use, and as comfortable as any bed in your home.

    The coolest thing about the bed is it’s hidden in a 2-foot deep custom made cabinet that can double as a home entertainment center, bookshelf, art display case, or whatever you want. Most people have no idea a bed is hidden inside until they push a remote control button and—voila!—the bed silently snakes out of the wall into the room.

    Check it out!

    Best regards, Denise

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