Posted by: abodesignco | 03/18/2009

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” ~ Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry’s architecture is at worst a collage of found materials and at best a collage of found materials!  “What was he thinking?” and “That’s crazy!” are usually said when speaking of Gehry’s buildings.  His deconstructed architectural style emerged in the late 1970s and has seen the creation of many infamous buildings (the ones you may not be able to name but would recognize the instant you set your eyes on them).  His work has evolved from the plywood and corrugated-metal vernacular to distorted but pristine large scale sculptures.  As a designer, I’m always challenging myself to create classic designs that are not just trendy but also memorable.  Gehry has done this and kept himself above the “trends” that only mark a place in time. Here’s a sampling of his work:


Dancing House, Prague

Disney Concert Hall

Disney Concert Hall

Experience Music Project, Seattle

Experience Music Project, Seattle

Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain

Hannover Gehry Tower

Hannover Gehry Tower


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